5 Ways to Develop an Eco-Friendly Style You'll Love

What is Eco-Friendly? Webster’s dictionary describes it as…
HA! I’m totally kidding. Could you imagine!?? 😄
That would make for one dull blog post…

So, What Does "Eco-Friendly" Mean?

In all seriousness, Eco-Friendly can mean so many things today. It can range from the source of the material, the chemicals used to produce and/or dye fabrics, the energy consumption of the actual factories making the items, and so on.

At DRUTHERS, I’ve dedicated a TON of time to finding brands that live and breathe Eco-Friendly fashion as well as brands that are now incorporating some of those practices into their assortments.

Why Eco-Friendly Clothing Makes a Difference

Keeping our planet healthy is so important and there is no doubt that the fashion industry has played a damaging role. I absolutely LOVE that I get to say my job is sifting through the bullshit to find solid men’s clothing brands that not only acknowledge this but they also strive to do and be BETTER.

One of the principles behind DRUTHERS is to “Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good.”
What better way for me to accomplish all 3 of those things than by introducing Eco-Friendly products to all of you?

How Do You Spot an Eco-Friendly Item?

Many brands are crushing it by not only reducing their footprint but also actively working to reverse damage that has already been done by others. The easiest way to spot an Eco-Friendly item is to check the product label. Items made from hemp, organic cotton, or recycled fabric are a solid go-to option.

Another way is to shop in store at DRUTHERS and I will tell you about what makes our brands so amazing. Our website is also helpful in really seeing how a brand interprets Eco-Friendly and what they've pledged as a company.

Ready to learn 5 Ways to develop an eco-friendly style you'll love and look good in?

Let's dive in!

Hear are Eco-Friendly styles we offer to that will instantly update your look and get you on the path to a sustainable life. 🙌🌎

This hemp and organic cotton sweatshirt comes in multiple colors and has such a cool, classic fit. It’ll work seamlessly with what you already own! Either wear it alone, or layered over a tee, with shorts for a casual look. Pair it with a button down and your favorite pants to instantly upgrade your style.

This graphic tee, in solid black, will go with any short or your favorite jeans. The graphic on the back is unique and makes looking cool in organic cotton so easy. Buy a size down for the perfect fitted look or size up for that relaxed, Sunday couch vibe.

Every guy needs a non-denim pant in a neutral color. This organic cotton olive pant will totally work into your current wardrobe or looks great with the items listed here. With 3% Elastane (stretch for all those non-apparel friends out there) it fits great and moves with you.

With a corduroy lined collar and cuff on a 60% organic cotton brushed flannel, a shirt like this literally IS original. It’s a heavier fabric which makes it a favorite for chilly summer nights and well into the fall or winter season.

You can’t go wrong with a clean, classic pair of jeans that are made of organic cotton and have a little bit of stretch. The straight fit is for guys who have seen trends come and go but always lean on the most iconic style. A dark and light wash will provide you with endless options for mixing and matching, dressing up or down.

At DRUTHERS, we make it easy to look good, do good, feel good. Find the best Eco-Friendly, Ethical, and lifestyle clothing for men online or in store.